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Quantum Tours - Brong Ahafo Region


Let us welcome you to Brong Ahafo, the region at the heart of Ghana, with a multiplicity of ethnic groups, physical features, cultural practices that dates back into antiquity, tourist attractions opportunities for investment in all sectors of the economy especially tourism, and of an open, and warm-hearted people, ready to welcome you and make your stay in Brong Ahafo a memorable one.

Sunyani, the capital of the Brong Ahafo is linked to Accra by a first class road and is about seven hour drive between them, at a relatively regular pace. From Sunyani you may then begin your tour, which will take you to the major tourist attractions of Brong Ahafo.

Boabeng-Fiema Sanctuary

Do you want to have a friendly interaction with monkeys? Then the right place to be is Boabeng-Fiema Sanctuary. It is a famous example of traditional Africa conservation. Boabeng-Fiema is the only place in Africa where monkeys can be easily be viewed in this high numbers.

Size: It is a small protected area of 4.4 km2

Vegetation: The vegetation type is that of a forest type.

Key fauna: Though the sanctuary is small, it’s the home of about 500 Campbell’s Mona Monkeys, 200 Geoffrey’s Pied Colobus, variety of butterflies, birdlife and over 90 identified species of trees.

Other Features: The monkeys come home to interact with the local communities in the morning and late afternoon.

Kintampo Waterfalls 

These beautiful falls are hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi/Kintampo highway. The fall is only 4km away from the town on the Kintampo-Tamale highway. This is the point where the Pumpu River falls some seventy (70) metres down beautiful rocky steps to continue its journey towards the Black Volta at Buipe.

Volta River

The Volta River flows along the eastern edge of Brong Ahafo and a visit to the port of Yeji Makes a pleasant excursion. Local Fishermen land their catch here and the boats from Akosombo stop off here.

Fuller Falls

The hills surrounding Kintampo run from north to south and form a transitional zone between the northern landscapes and the adjacent forested regions that extend into the mountains. Of particular interest is Fuller Falls, located some 7km west of Kintampo. It falls gently over a series of cascades along the river Oyoko at Yabraso. It provides a scenic beauty at the site of the falls as it continues its journey towards the Black Volta River.The surroundings of the Fuller Falls provides for the visitor a wonderful peaceful scenery and a refreshing pool to take a dip and a place to just relax quietly.

Bui National Park 

Bui National Park, one of the largest protected areas in Ghana and endowed with many wildlife species as well as breathtaking sites.

Bui is found in the Tain/ Wenchi district with Nsawkwa/ Wenchi as district capitals respectively. The park stretches over part of Brong Ahafo (regional capital is Sunyani) and Northern region (regional capital is Tamale). The park is 57km away from Nsawkwa and 100km from Wenchi.

Size: It stretches 50km of Ghana’s border with Cote d’Ivoire. The Black Volta River crosses its 1800km2 area from north to south.

Vegetation: It consists mostly of open woodland savannah with small dispersed trees and grassland with Riverine forest.

Key fauna: Adding to the pleasant sight of this reserve are faunas like Hippopotamus, Waterbuck, Kob, Warthog, Baboons, Patas monkey, Green monkey, Duikers, varieties of Birds, Crocodiles, Bushbuck, Roan Antelope.

Other Features: Caves, waterfalls, Riverine vegetation, series of mountains and hills, the river flows through the Bui Gorge in the course of its journey.

Tourist Sites nearby: Kintampo waterfalls, Boabeng-Fiema monkey Sanctuary, Mole National Park

Festival: Yam festival celebrated from September to October

Tourist Activities: Game viewing, bird-watching, canoeing, hiking/ nature walk, mountain climbing, swimming, etc.


Apoo Festival

Apoo is celebrated in Techiman and Wenchi in November. It is a festival for the purification of the people to rid them of social evil. The festival lasts one week and includes a variety of traditional cultural activity. It ends on the sixth day with the Apoo procession, when insinuations are cast about the evil doings of some of the citizens. Even the Chief is not spared. This period is a time for family reunions and unity among the people. You are welcome to join the festivities.

Fordjour (Yam Festival)

It is celebrated in the months of August and September. The chiefs and people of Badu in the Wenchi District of Brong Ahafo Region celebrate this yam festival annually.

The festival ushers in the new yam.

Sasabobirim Festival

The chiefs and people of Awuah Domase near Sunyani the Brong Ahafo Region celebrate this festival. It is a week-long annual festival and it is celebrated in remembrance of their brave chief who joined Yaa Ashatewaa to fight the Europeans in the early part of the 20 th century. It is celebrated in November.

Kwafie Festival

It is a weeklong celebration held in November and December. The chiefs and people of Dormaa, Berekum and Nsoatre Traditional areas in the Brong Ahafo Region celebrate Kwafie festival.

It is a purification ceremony, the highlight of which is a large bonfire in the courtyard of the chief. It is believed that the Dormaas brought fire to Ghana and the legend is symbolically represented in a bonfire.

Tourist Site nearby

Traditional cloth making at Boama, 20km from Techiman
The centre of Ghana close to Kintampo town
The Ancient Amowi Caves is close by
Kintampo waterfalls
Fuller waterfalls
Bui National Park