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Quantum Flight and Hotel Reservations

We are noted to be the providers of everything you need for your travel domestic and international flights with the best ever services associated with your purchase. 

Cheap Flights - Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Whether you are looking for cheap flights within Ghana or cheap international flights to destinations worldwide we can help. We simply won’t be beaten on price and will beat any other quote. Quantumleap experts, in alliance with all the international and domestic airlines to and fro Ghana, will help you find the best prices on your next flight. 

  Compare and Book Cheap International and Domestic Flights

With the use of internationally renowned airline booking systems – Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Aeropack, comparing Air fares from the various airlines are rest assured. This is indeed the major reason why our clients find it prudent to purchase flight tickets and other services taking into and account their comfortability and safety.

 Securing Your Bookings Even At The Eleventh Hour

Our services are considered reliable because of our enormous ability to secure flights at the very crucial minutes. Business and corporate travellers have massively congratulated us for rescuing their scheduled business meetings, appointments and events. Trust us with your business flights by contacting us and we will be more than delight not to disappoint you.

 Flexible terms of payment

We have the best terms of payment in the market. Contact our finance office for the best ever deal or agreement you may wish. You can join the renowned companies and ministries whom we have this kind of service with. As you trust us with your flights arrangements so will you be trusted with deal or agreement on the table.

 Travel Insurance

We understand that your vacation can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can’t do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your investment - buy travel insurance. 

Whether traveling for vacation, participating in a business seminar, or just venturing away from home, you need 24-hour coverage and assistance.

In partnership with the most credible insurance providers in Ghana your plan is designed to cover travelers worldwide. Plans can include valuable medical coverage, trip interruption, emerency travel services and more.

Let us find the right coverage for you. Simply contact us for your travel insurance policies and certificates.

Hotel Reservations

When traveling, it is best to stay in a hotel that suits your budget. If you want to stay at a hotel instead of a motel or transient is advisable to book in advance. As you all know, hotel rooms are different and these rooms have different rates. The more features the room, the higher the rate.

There are many alternatives when it comes to hotel reservations. One option is a travel agent. For a travel agent depends on the position you want to go, it is advisable to choose an agent with experience. Second option for you is to choose a travel agency. This information would be very useful for them to give accommodation to suit your needs and your budget. The best thing you should know is that hotels usually have their relationships with various travel agencies.

By the use of our online booking systems we do have access to thousands of Hotels, Motels, Guest houses, Lodges, Hostels, etc. worldwide. You are rest assured of an accommodation that is safe, high quality services, and affordable. We know the needs and desires of today’s traveler. Enjoy all the travel experience by staying in a hotel in of your choice.