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About Us

Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited is a commercial travel agency which has been in existence for the past four year serving corporate organisations and individuals in Ghana. Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited is accredited as a travel agency by the Registrar Generals Department with registration number CA-50,613. It has also being registered by the Internal Revenue Service and an accredited member of the Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (GATTA).

It has been organized to take advantage of a specific gap in the travel market within Ghana and Africa. This gab has been a strategic-business initiative because despite the strong promotion to encourage the private sector in national integration and trade within Ghana, Air Travel and Tours within and outside Ghana has not being fully harnessed. There is still a strong and vibrant market because of the gap created by the lack of credible operators.

Quantumleap prides itself on being a customer-focused and value driven travel and tour, providing up-to-date information on flights, exiting destinations, attractive tour packages, etc.

From the past four years it has become evident that the strong demand for travel services around the world is due to the improved trade between countries in the sub-region, especially to countries in the Americas and Europe.

Leading analysts are of the opinion that over the next decade, an improved air travel and tour services would be a catalyst for trade and investment promotions between countries. Over the past years of operation, Quantumleap has become a household name to some individuals travelling to the Americas and Europe. Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited is expected to capture a significant portion of the current air travel business in Africa. The company has demonstrated its desire to be a big international travel and tourist agent in Africa with an alliance with an ongoing negotiation with major airlines in Europe.

The management of Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited is experienced in airline start-ups, business growth and development.

Our research and projections based on both current and future services indicate that air travels to and from Ghana are sufficient to provide a new agency with revenues of US$ 184,000 within five (5) years of operations, after possibly a slow first two years utilizing the ray of services strategically tailored to our target market. These sales figures are based upon only one Service projections (Ticketing and Reservation). Due to the nature of the business and current demand for efficient air travel services in the world generally, Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited’s plan has the potential for a more rapid business growth from year five (5) onwards, when it is expected to achieve success in all its acquired product line. However, to be more prudent, we have kept the load factor at a modest level for the planning period.


The first year of operations saw the company operating at a significant loss. This is due to the organizational and regulatory obligations of the business to gain a foot stool in the industry and the limited client base it was serving at the time, coupled with the burden of having limited product line.  Therefore in the first year, investment activity was needed to handle the expenses of this phase of the business.


In short, the frequency of service distribution needed to serve Quantumleap’s target market does not meet the current demand, and therefore, the future looks very promising for the company.


Having gone through this period of building the corporate brand, management managed to tune a net loss of GHC10,327.28 for the period ended 30th November, 2009 to a significant profit position by the mid of 2010 onwards. This will be achieved through a remarkable sales growth in 2010 and maintained at that level for the following five (5) years. With improved cost control, it is planned that change in sales will be improved. The over-all operational long-term profit target will be improved as the company stabilizes its new product lines and realise the liability created in the first year of operation.




The company has the following objectives:

     1. To obtain required international Certification to serve all markets within Africa, Europe and USA.

2. To commence new services on or before 31st June, 2012.

3. To raise sufficient loan and bridge capital in a timely fashion to financially enable these objectives.

4. To put into operational all the entire services planned to commence in the year 2012.

5. To work towards strategic partnership/alliance with Alfa Airlines or any foreign operators to commence scheduled flight in Ghana by the end of 2012.

6. To become a national player in the aviation and hospitality industry by providing the most safe, reliable and low cost travel and tour services.

7. To serve as an information hub between the Hospitality industry and the corporate and general public via its web site.



Quantumleap Travel Agency Limited has a mission to provide safe, efficient, low-cost commercial (business and leisure) air travel and tour services to and from Ghana. Our service will emphasize safety and convenience as its highest priority. We will operate the best maintained aircraft available. We will never skimp on maintenance in any fashion whatsoever. We will continue to provide friendly and courteous services.

 Keys to Success 

1. We have obtained the required accreditations from both government organisations and association approvals.

2. Experienced management team and board members.

3. Good service quality and always with convenience at the forefront of its activities.

4. Services delivered on time, costs controlled, marketing budgets managed. There is every attempt to avoid over ambitious growth plans at the expense of profits. Also, rapid growth will be curtailed in order to keep maintenance standards both strict and measureable.